International Champion, Luxembourg Junior Champion, Eurodogshow Junior Winner, Flanders Trophee Winner

Aresvuma Vividjo Makini

Sire: Multi Champion Vincent of Aresvuma

Dam: Multi Champion Vizara Iringa Aresvuma

D.o.b. : 14-08-2005 † 21-12-2015

Pedigree: RKF 1775322 import Russia

 NHSB 2588856

Height: 69 cm

Complete and correct scissor bite

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD clear

Blue Dilute D/D, clear

Livernose B/b, carrier

Deg. Myelopathy N/N, clear

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: N/N, clear

All reports are available

Breeding statistics:

Males: 57 (1 ridgeless, 1 DS)

Females: 63 (6  multicrowns, 1 ridgeless, 1 DS, 1 kinked tail)