Chanzi's very special and very last litter is coming up! Take a look at Kuanza Na Zola for more information!

Pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound today! Needless to say how happy I am...



New healthresults of Chanzi & Naru's  son: 

BE JCh '21 Dharuba Cosmic Dust - C O L T
(Ch. Madzinza Chanzi Chaniya X Mafinga Inaru Ijaba)
d.o.b. 18.10.2020
HD - A
ED- 0/0
OCD schouders - vrij
JME - N/N vrij
DM - N/N vrij
Hemophilia B - vrij
D-Locus - vrij
B-Locus, alle varianten - vrij
24h holter - clear (rapport beschikbaar)



Today Chanzi & Naru's son Dharuba Cosmic Dust aka Colt, closed his Belgium Junior Champion title at the dogshow Wieze (Belgium).

We are so proud of this youngster and his breeder Iva Dekker..for more info about Colt take a look at his website here..



Sansa (Dafina wa Afrika Mwali Tatu) has planned her last litter with beautiful Mawi for Spring 2022.

More info about this litter on www.dharuba.com 


New picture of beautiful Colt:



Today we had our clubshow! Dharuba Cosmic Dust aka Colt (Chanzi x Naru) made us very proud by gaining 1-excellent in Junior Class (7 entries in this class) with his first JCAC (3 needed for the Dutch Junior Championship) . What a dreamstart of his showcareer! Congratulations to his breeder Iva and all others involved.


I've updated the puppypages of Chanzi & Naru's litter d.d. 18-10-2020

All kids are developing so well...take a look!


New updates on Chanzi & Naru's puppypages! They are 6 months now and developing very well..



If all goes well Sansa's daughter Luca will have her first litter this year or early 2022.

Luca has her own website now, if you are interested you can take a look here.



Chanzi & Naru's puppies have their own page on this website.

Click here to take a look!



Sansa's puppies are growing up so nicely, take a look at www.dharuba.com



We are so happy to announce the arrival of Chanzi and Naru's puppies on October 18! Born are 14 healthy puppies, 8 males & 6 females. Mummy Naru is doing very well. Also our offspring Sansa whelped her litter, born are 10 healthy puppies, 4 males (1 livernose) & 6 females (4 livernose).

Both litters were done by the book. 

More info at www.dharuba.com 


Great news: Naru is confirmed to be pregnant of a big litter after our Chanzi!

Needless to say we are so proud that our boy becomes father again..

Due date is around 20 of October 2020.

For more info: www.dharuba.com


Exciting news!

Our offspring Sansa is confirmed pregnant, many puppies are counted during the ultrasound.

Due date is around 20 of October 2020.

For more info: www.dharuba.com




Finally some very exciting news..hopefully our teddybear Chanzi is becoming father again. 

We are very happy with this combination and all fingers are crossed for a beautiful and healthy litter.

More info at www.dharuba.com


Misha and Malika's beautiful daughter Sansa will be mated to handsome Benson.

This will be her second litter, more info at www.dharuba.com 




This week we received all research results regarding the unexpected death of Cosmo. Heart, lungs, brains, spleen, liver, aorta, arteries, tissue and blood are investigated and no (hereditary) defects came out. We also send a bloodsample to the States (NC State Veterinary Hospital) to test for Rhodesian Ridgeback Inherited Arrhythmia, which came out negative.  It's hard to understand and accept, but in the end, after all this testing, we are sure no defects caused his death. We wish his owners strength to cope with this terrible loss.  Cosmo will never been forgotten.



We lost our beautiful Cosmo due to a sudden death accident. His owner ordered a full autopsy panel including RR IVA blood research 

in the United States. As soon as we have the official results we'll publish here and on facebook.

For now the unofficial results don't give any clue to the cause of his death.

I wish his owners very much strength to cope with this horrible loss. We are all devastated..


New photo's available of Misha and Pemba's daughter Zuri, click here!


Last weekend Marion was present at our clubshow in Eerbeek. Cosmo did a good job and was rewarded 'excellent' by the South African judge mr van Aken. His sister Sansa (Misha x Malika 2016) was also rewarded excellent and her baby daughter gained best Baby of the Breed. Well done and congratulations to all involved.


We are thrilled to announce Cosmo's testresults, he is a healthy and happy dog, outside ánd inside.

His testresults are:

Hips according to FCI: A, Norberg 37,5

Elbows according to FCI: free

Shoulders: OCD free

Spine: LTV 0, clear

Dentition: Complete & correct scissor bite

JME: N/N clear

Deg. Myelopathy Exon 2: N/N clear

Hemophilia B Factor IX: X(N)/Y, clear

Blue Dilute D/D, no carrier

Livernose B/Bs, carrier

All testresults are available. 

Cosmo is available for suitable females.



Cosmo did an "excellent" job again on IDS Hazerswoude, rewarded 1-excellent by judge mrs. Tresoor.

Congrats, we are very proud!



Sadly our co-own Kabisha passed away very unexpectedly, shortly after her twelfth birthday.

Safe travels over the rainbow bridge dear Kabisha!  Forever in our heart...



We are happy to announce Sansa's first litter at kennel Dharuba.

Sansa is a beautiful and healthy daughter of Misha & Malika.

Good luck Iva & Marcel!




We are so happy to announce that, if all goes well,  Sansa will have her first litter in April 2019. 

If you are interested in having a puppy from this beautiful pair, go to www.dharuba.com



Misha & Malika's son Ben made a beautiful photoshoot, for all pics click here.




Cosmo presented our kennel very well gaining 2-excellent (intermediate class) at the CAC CACIB show Eindhoven.



Misha & Malika's beautiful son Basu made a new photoshoot, for more photo's go to his gallery.


NEW SHOWREPORT Winnershow 2018.

Cosmo did great again...



CAC CACIB Show Hazerswoude, judge mrs. G. Halff van Boven.

Cosmo gained his last needed JCAC to forfill all conditions for his brandnew title!

So from now on he is called Dafina wa Afrika Mwana Chancellor "Cosmo" Dutch Youth Champion!

On top of that he was also rewarded Best Male with full CAC.

Congratulations to our handsome youngster and his owner Marion Stoek.

Very, very well done!


CAC CACIB Show Rotterdam.

Cosmo did an excellent job again, gaining 1-excellent with JCAC (7 entries in his class).

Judge was Mr. H. Salm (NL). One JCAC to go for his Dutch Junior Champion title!



World Dog Show 2018 Amsterdam.

231 Ridgebacks were entered, Cosmo presented himself very well in a huge Youth Class (21) and was rewarded 4-Excellent!

Judge was Mr. Martin Croeser from South Africa.

We are so happy with him and his owner Marion Stoek. Such a nice and handsome couple!


Today we entered the Specialty connected to the World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018.

153 Ridgebacks were present, the judge was Mr. Dinky Santos.

Cosmo did a beautiful job and was rewarded 3-excellent in a huge youth class (15 entries).

Well done! We are very proud.


Cosmo was on show again and gained 2-excellent in Junior Class, CAC/CACIB show 's Hertogenbosch, judge mr Th. Leenen (be) .

Well done beautiful boy!


New graphic for Cosmo (10 months)



Today Dafina wa Afrika Mwana Chancellor aka Cosmo was entered at the IDS Zwolle. Always exciting being in the youth class with the 'big' boys for the very first time.

But Cosmo and his owner Marion did a great job again gaining 1-excellent with JCAC at 9 months and 1 week. 

Way to go little man! We are very proud of you.



I'm happy to announce that our Kabisha has tested Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy CLEAR!

She isn't carrying the genes that are causing this horrible disease.



Today we were at the CAC CACIB show Venray, judge mr. P. Sanders.

Cosmo did very well and gained Best puppy of Breed with a splendid judges report.

For more details click here.



Misha & Malika's kids are celebrating their second birthday today.

Congratulations to all!

I received a lot of pictures, so I was able to make new graphics for all twelve beautiful kids.


New graphic for our little girl Jolie!

New graphic for our beautiful Chanzi & Malika son Ditau.

New picture of Chanzi's son 'little' Misha..

Spitting image of his dad!



Today our co-own Dafina wa Afrika Mwana Chancellor aka Cosmo and his owner Marion Stoek, entered their very first dogshow.

Under judge Mrs B. Müller (CH) Cosmo gained Best puppy male and Best of Breed puppy at IDS Utrecht.

Needless to say how proud we are on Misha and Malika's son. 

Way to go!

More info about Cosmo here.


On this day we had to say goodbye forever to our dear Chanzi.

Born in my hands and passed away in my arms.

We will miss him dearly, our big, sweet teddy bear, but we will remember you in your beautiful offspring.

Have a safe trip over the rainbow bridge my sweetheart, till we meet again...


Chanzi and Alavi's kids are developing very well. Next week they will leave to their new homes. We wish their new owners very much luck and love and hope to see a lot of your new babies in the future.


Chanzi and Alavi's babies have arrived.

Born are 3 correct males and 4 correct females.

Congrats to the breeders www.faizah.nl


Today we had the first puppy meeting of Misha and Malika's 2017 Litter.

Basu, Dax, Cosmo, Soeky, Norah and Jolie were present. Zito lives in Italy so he was n't there.

The pups are doing very well, growing up nicely and are free and afraid of nothing.

It was a lovely afternoon! Thank you all for coming.



We are happy and proud to announce that our beautiful Misha & Malika daughter  Sansa will have her first litter later this year.

Sansa comes from a litter of twelve puppies, all correct except 1 female 3 crowns.

For more info about the litter planning please take a look at www.dharuba.com